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The Wholistic Box is a bi-monthly subscription box for all fans of the Potterverse, witches and wizards, squibs and muggles :)

Diverse and immersive collectables, never-seen-before quality vintage materials for all occasions or just for your own collection, your passion, your fun.

Don't you want vintage tickets for the Knight Bus or stickers for your home Butterbeer? What about posters for the next duelling competition? Would an invitation to the Yule Ball at Beauxbâtons Academy interest you? What if you had your own MACUSA stamp? Symbols of your house, original t-shirts and many other goodies, homemade objects and curated objects but always, magical objects!


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the Wholistic Box


Lovers and Singles, we planned a box full of love for February. It is not very hard to guess what it is the theme. Don't worry, we are not sending flying cupids' ;)

the Wholistic Wizards


We currently just finished to re-create our blog on tumblr where we plan to write some short stories, curiosities and upload some pictures in addition to the website :D

the Wholistic Box


To never miss a Wholistic Box, choose the subscription plan instead of the one-time offer and receive a mysterious Bonus Box once a year. You know, we ship all over the World !


We craft the Potterverse together