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The place to get sorted - both in Hogwarts and Ilvermorny, know your patronus and get your wand. THE source of the Potterverse ...

Full of information and if you read carefully, you can get all the details and the inspiration you need to extend the potterverse. It is not complete but it is a great starting point to understand and get your imagination started on the wizarding world.


We've known La Gazette since forever, it is one of the oldest french information website on the fandom. As such, they deserve to be known.

Obviously it's in french. It is still the place to go for interesting theories, they ask good questions and give unbiased information. They cover everything, from fan-made events to muggle quidditch ( which prefer to not be associated to the fandom ) and to small nitbit of info on upcoming books or movies.


A wizarding newspaper that keeps the magical world alive with articles, stories and unique books. In french.

It's like the Daily Prophet but even better. They make articles and stories, come up with really funny puns and never stop to believe in the potterverse. They write on everything. Serious subject with humour to gossip about the Potter family. They blend muggle news with wizarding community and it is nice to see.


Full of informations related to the Potterverse, a french encyclopedia of great quality. And a great RPG section !

Also a info website but mostly a huge RPG forum in french and the french version of the almighty HP-Lexicon. There's even a Galleon-Euro/Dollars converter hidden somewhere. They keep track of every characters birthday and important events in the wizarding world. They are the real stuff.


A french news website that seeks out even the smallest info on HP. Also a message board of role-playing into Hogwarts.

They are into the details and they hold giveaways more often than not. They make complete reviews and lists of what is coming up and track every bit of informations they can get. Sometimes they work with La Gazette du Sorcier. They also have a real Gazette du Sorcier for the RPG part :)


Is full of free ressources for graphic needs. It is a good place for PSD, backgrounds and icons. Always great quality.

It's important to share great ressource and we are not sharing any of our secrets for our content but these kind of websites help a lot when building libraries of ressources that can prove to be useful later one ;)


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